Will Twitter Have To Ban Script-Users Like Digg?

Twitter sidebar script

With its first revenue stream now up-and-cash-generating, Twitter is going to have to police its platform a little tighter to ensure maximum revenue (that’s what a business does, right?)

What happens then if the ads they sell do not appear on users’ profiles? Lower revenues, that sounds obvious. With the scripts I use, The Twitter ads do not appear, as the sidebar gets re-formatted by the script:

Twitter sidebar script

But they do appear if I turn Greasemonkey off:

Twitter sidebar noscript

So if scripts start to dig a hole in Twitter’s revenue, will they start to ban users who use those? Should we expect a Twitter’s purge now that the service is mainstream and getting into serious business?

Scriptless Blind-Digging

digg terms of use

Being a regular Digger is time-consuming. Blind digging is pretty handy when your goal is to keep alive a community of friend diggers. There are some drawbacks to blind digging and pairing up with blind diggers:

  1. You slightly mess up Digg’s metrics and algorithmic adjustments, hence decreasing the value of Digg’s data.
  2. You can get 50 diggs for a submitted item, and not generate one single click on the item’s link.

But in the end it all comes down to quality content. Out of all the uninteresting content from noreply@digg.com, some keywords sometimes catch my attention, so I check out the link. I like: I favorite it. I really like it: I shout it. Heavy Digger, light shouter.

It’s not as fast as a script, but at least, it’s not a script! It’s more like a very simple video game! Or as Tomboy501 so clearly stated it:

Here’s some reality: digg is gamed beyond belief. Here’s the secret: Want to your stories to be popular and go to the front page? Blind digg. Blind digg everything the power users submit. You’ll get there soon. It’s a gross and disturbing display; digg is a mere shadow of it’s former glory.

Of course, with the technique above, sometimes you will get this message:

blind digging warning

Aaah… Banning its top users and calling the others lame… Digg is so corporate!

Chop Off a Top Digger’s Head, Its Body Will Haunt Your Domain Forever!


A good companion to all your digging activities is DiggStatistics. It’s not a productivity tool, but it does a good job at keeping the place clean.


The deadbeats list is a great feature as it tells you who doesn’t reciprocate your invitations, that it be friendship or calls to action.

diggstatistics deadbeats

Just browse through the list and get rid of the useless contacts in there. On Digg, browsing through your list of friends is hell, so you almost never go through the process of cleaning your Digg rollodex. But from Diggstatistics, it’s sorted out for you. Just click on and unfriend the unwanted.


And sometimes you land on this page. For example, Zaibatsu’s page gives one of those error page (Get my point?). Since I can’t access their profile pages, I cannot click the unfriend link. And since managing friends on Digg.com is hell, I will simply remain a fan of those banned users for ever…

… And so will the 4275 fans of Diggboss, the 6508 fans of Supernova17, or the 9297 fans of Zaibatsu. Chop off a top digger’s head, its body will haunt your domain forever!