How-to Update Your LinkedIn Status With Twitter Automatically – Video Demo

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I started wondering if there was a tool similar to the Twitter to Facebook application, but that would post tweets automatically to LinkedIn. Then I found Actually, don’t even bother to click through this link, LinkedTweet doesn’t exist anymore:

Linkedin sued me

This discussion was captured on the Human3rror blog, where its author, also creator of Linkedtweet, explains in the comment section what happened to his project.

It seems like developers are not really encouraged by LinkedIn to connect Twitter to its network of professionals. However, there is a bootstrap way to make this happen. The cornerstone to this trick is (review) and (review):

  1. is a service that lets you update your status on a lot of different social networks (I think there is like 30 different services, including all the big ones) from just about anywhere. You can update your LinkedIn account from
  2. lets you take any feed, and have it send it to you the way you want: email, SMS, IM, and/or…

From there, I think you get the picture: Connect your to your LinkedIn account, connect your account to your account, and submit your Twitter feed to

In the video above, I kind of geeked out the process, tweaking my Twitted feed with Yahoo Pipes before sending it to I did so because I don’t think you want all your stupid tweets to appear in your professional space, so a solution to clean up your Twitter stream seems essential to make this hack really work.

The music is from The Watusi Brothers, Across the Bay. (Popcuts link) Adds A Bar, Slowly Killing The Traditional RSS Reader

notify me bar is this awesome tool that lets you grab any RSS feed and decide on which medium you want that feed: email, chat, SMS, or’s Air app. Today, as usual, sends me an info that I care about, so I click along and land on this:

notify me bar

The URL, of course, is a shortener ( Once you log in, the bar becomes a dashboard with a few basic feed management options.

notify me bar signin

Digg’s move definitely created a micro-craze around bars and url shorteners. Everyone’s got his own, literally. With bars and shorteners, you can:

  • Increase your traffic (significantly)
  • Get extra insights on traffic analytics
  • Develop your brand

SO what is’s plan? The company’s blog does not mention anything… A Google search is vain. In other words, we don’t know where is going with this yet. However, it is not hard to match this new addition to their latest integration. A little more social integrations and could become a RSS reader killer. Why? Because is a RSS reader without the hassle of the RSS reader. Users get their feeds through their existing communications outlets, and the bar adds those social features needed to interact around content. Why bother going to a place where my news are, when it can all come to me?’s RSS model is definitely easier, and has the potential to bring RSS to a broader crowd. Tech geeks will stick to RSS readers, but the rest of the Web might just like’s simplicity.

RSS Feeds To Your Email Inbox

rss email

rss email

  • Feedmyinbox: Enter a URL, an email address, and voila. Simplicity to its best. You can create an account and manage your incoming feeds too. Feedmyinbox’ inconvenience is the lagging time between the time a post is published and the time it lands in your inbox: Sometimes it may take up to 24-48 hours. Usually, the discussion around a post is already dead by then.
  • can be used in a number of ways, but it is my preferred tool to be notified of new posts on sites I find important to follow. In dashboard, specify all the sources you wish to receive in your inbox, and it will send it to you. is way faster than Feedmyinbox, but it will only send you the first paragraph of a post. I personally don’t mind it, but maybe you will.
  • Feedburner: Feedburner lets you burn any feed you wish. Therefore, just burn the feed you wish to receive in your inbox, and use the email update feature to have this feed sent to your inbox. The process is much longer than Feedmyinbox, but if you are into a little RSS-to-email hacking plan, then Feedburner’s robust RSS technology could be a good friend.
  • Yahoo Pipes: Again, a little like Feedburner, setting up Yahoo pipes to send you RSS updates to your inbox will take a little more time than Feedmyinbox. But just like Feedburner, if you are into a little feed tweaking, then Yahoo Pipes is definitely your best choice!

    I think the best option out there used to be RSSFWD, but alas, it is no longer in service. I guess it was too good to be true. Know any other service? Please share in the comments.

  • The Beauty Of

    There is a service that has been my buddy for the past few months, and that is central to my social media strategy today. is the alert service that scans all the rss sources you are interested in and sends it to you through the medium of your choice.

    For example, I am a big fan of Steve Rubel’s Micro Persuasion blog (and I think I heard of through this blog). I do not want to miss a post from this writer, so I grabbed the blog’s feed, and asked that it be sent to my gtalk messenger for instant notification, as well as to my email, in case I am not on Gmail when the notification is published.

    You can of course apply a filter to your feeds. Steve Rubel publishes his Delicious links daily, and it might not be of a very high interest to some of you. Filter out ‘links for’, and it won’t bother you with this automated blogging strategy.

    On Twitter, I am very interested to know if someone sends me a tweet, and I want to be notified about it, wherever I am. I set up my phone number and sends me a sms as soon as @xavierv is published somewhere on Twitter. I can reply to it on the spot.

    Even better (yes, it is possible): instead of receiving emails from dozens of social networks notifying me of an innocuous friend’s avatar change, I can submit a custom-made email address, so that social networks send any updates to directly, and I chose how I want to be alerted for each and every social network.

    The Web 2.0 is still quite a mess for novice users. is the strategical tool to adopt. Moreover, it pushes you to reflect upon your priority sources online, meaning it pushes you to start developing your own personal social media strategy.