Tubemogul Extends Video Statistics To Statused Web

tubemogul auto update

Tubemogul launched a new feature a couple weeks ago that updates your Twitter (and Facebook since yesterday) status when you upload a video to Tubemogul.

In addition to uploading to YouTube and other video sites simultaneously, you can now automatically update social networks with a link to your video as soon as it goes live […] Given Twitter and Facebook’s popularity, we think the addition of this latest feature is a no-brainer. (From Tubemogul’s email)

tubemogul auto update

Seeing Tubemogul stepping in the statusphere is not so surprising for the video analytics company. Last month, they released a report on the higher engagement of viewers referred by Twitter and Facebook. To fulfill its mission of understanding how and why video views happen, Tubemogul had to send agents in the statusphere. Those agents are Tubemogul’s own short urls that are used to post auto updates. By tracking the link of the video, Tubemogul will be able to track where clicks happen, and deliver deeper analytics on viewers’ behaviors.

One thing that bugs me though: This feature kind of kills the Youtube auto-update feature. could link to a youtube video, but only Tubemogul will know what happened before the click. This is valuable info that Youtube is losing, and I wonder if they are cool with it.

Tubemogul: Engagement Comes From Twitter… Search?

twitter bookmark

Tubemogul just released an interesting case study comparing engagement across top social sites (or more exactly referred by top social sites) on video views.

Viewers referred by Twitter tend to watch a video the longest (one minute, 58 seconds), compared to Facebook (one minute, 14 seconds) and Digg (58 seconds).

Tubemogul’s Marketing Manager David Burch words the hypothesis that since Twitter is an asymetric networking system, followers are more engaged with their tweets, it’s the content they chose to track: “There is already a built-in selection bias“. I would formulate a different hypothesis: Twitter has what the two other social networks don’t: A killing search engine. The search experience is particularly engaging because it mixes live reactions and live trends. Only Twitter provides trends as they happen, which means Twitter is THE place to find the hot stuff on the spot.

Compared to Twitter’s global traffic, the search engine doesn’t seem to popular after all:

But if you watch the growth curve of the search engine alone, it shows an obvious infatuation in traffic:

The activity of the Twitter search engine is so shattered across hundreds of apps that only Twitter’s internal intelligence can count all accumulated search queries, and differentiate a click from a follower and a click from a search query.

Tubemogul Gets A First Round – Probably Not The Last !


Tubemogul just announced their first series A of $3 million. Congratulations to the team! Tubemogul is the only service that syndicates all of your video activity in one place. You can upload to multiple platforms, track views, comments, ratings, and so on.

While the service’s main challenge is to prevent spammers from doing too much harm, it also increases small video creators’ visibility. Through Tubemogul’s marketplace, advertisers can browse video creators’ profiles and stats.

Video Views Traffic Sources – Tubemogul

Once again, the Tubemogul team offers us an insightful report on the mechanics of online video views. Today, the team analyzed what were the main referrers that drive viewers to a video in an article titled How do people discover videos online?

The results are not outstandingly surprising. This chart summarizes the study:

referrers of video views - tubemogul

To make it clearer for everyone, David from Tubemogul puts it this way:

* Search engines: 11.18%
* Social networks: 3.66%
* Social bookmarking sites: 3.19%
* Video search engines: 0.63%
* Email/IM: 0.05%
* Everything else (almost all blogs, from the thousands we scanned): 80.88% of all referred traffic.

In other words, there isn’t one definitive source that brings views. This actually makes a lot of sense: the myth of the skateboarding cat makes all the marketers drool, and they all want to replicate the same virality for their own company/client. Truth is that the real power of online video is the accessibility/affordability we have never seen before in the media space (a Youtube account is free, a blog is free, a FlipCam HD is $200). Popularity is not a given.

After a video is online, it is the same phenomenon as when a blog post is published: It will be viewed if the blog is well connected to other social networks, if the post is optimized for search engine indexation, and if there is a wide choice of sharing options, then views happen.

Show Off Your TubeMogul Cumulative Video Badge

tubemogul cumulative badge

To celebrate the 1 billionth video views uploaded through Tubemogul, the team launched a cumulative views badge for their users. As you can see, the badge shows the total number of video views generated across all the video platforms that Tubemogul tracks for me.

Worth mentioning, the badge links to my profile page on Tubemogul. This shows how Tubemogul positions itself between video producers and advertisers. If a potential advertiser likes the videos I produce, he can visit my site and see through the badge how popular my videos actually are Web-wide. If interested, he just clicks on the badge (that I placed in my blog’s sidebar) to visit my Tubemogul profile and connect with me.